Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Yard Sale Season

As the warmer weather arrives so do the Yard Sale signs on nearly every corner and doesn't Memorial Day Weekend seem like the official kick off?  I've been digging through the yard sale treasures for well over a month now finding all the pieces that I needed for my new line of bird baths but this weekend definitely kept me busy!  Check out a few of my yard sale finds:

I recently made Chico a new bed out of an old pillow.  He used it a few times before Destiny claimed it as her own.  So when I saw this floor pillow for a $1 I knew I had to get it to replace the one that Chico lost. The next time I pull out the sewing machine I MIGHT try to pull together a cover made out of some old jeans or something.

And no, that's not Chico.  Do you think Chance is willing to share?  I'm not so sure....

Poor Chico!

I also found this lamp.  The lampshade is a bit torn up and it is definitely not my taste.  But the lamp base is going to make for a beautiful bird bath once I find the right bowl for it.  Don't you think?

In amongst a box full of mismatched bowls and glasses, I found this beauty for a buck.

If they knew how pretty it would be with a few flowers, I'm not so sure it would have ended up in that box.

No matter how you spend your Memorial Day, yard sale or not, take a moment to remember all the sacrifices of the men and woman (and their families) who serve our country.

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