Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Anatomy of a Teabag

With summer only a few weeks away, of course you're thinking icy cold beverages.  Maybe a tall glass of sweet tea in the South or sun brewed tea in the North?  Before you toss those used tea bags in trash, consider this:

You can compost the tags and strings, it's all organic matter.  And, just as coffee grounds feed your roses and other garden inhabitants so do tea leaves.  Sprinkle used leaves around plants or just toss 'em in the compost bin along with the tags.

And how about those beautifully tea stained tea bags?  Craft material, of course!  Check out how I made these flowers:

So what's left for the trash?  That little staple, that's it!  Now go grab a tall icy cold glass of tea and enjoy the season!

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