Thursday, October 6, 2011

Upcycled Sandbags

I've kept myself pretty busy over the past couple of months with shows, festivals and farmer's markets every weekend.  If I've learned one thing from all of these outdoor displays, it's that the wind is definitely NOT my friend.  Each time I do a new show, I invent some other way to use duct tape, industrial strength velcro, cement blocks and twine.  It's getting pretty crazy! 

To help keep my featherweight jewelry in place I've come up with a solution that is way cuter than duct tape and involves a few scraps from old clothes. These (mostly) tabletop sandbags are functional, washable and have upcycled cuteness written all over them.  They are great for shows but for the home as well.  Whether an outdoor picnic tablecloth or patio decor that needs anchoring, give these puppies a try!

First fill ziploc style bags with sand

Then cut the pockets, legs or arms (depending on the size you need) off of some old clothes and sew in some velcro at one opening.  You can even use this tutorial and add a drawstring instead of velcro

 And don't be afraid to add some embellishments that fit your theme

Then sew up all remaining open edges, drop your sandbags in and close the velcro

Place the sandbags anywhere you need a little extra weight

I'll use these cute smaller sandbags on my tables to keep table top easels from flipping off the table

PLEASE don't hesitate to share any of your "wind-stopping" techniques below, I know I'd love to hear about them!


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