Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY Cereal Box Pocket Folder

It seems like I finish one organization project and another one pops up over night.  This time it's my file drawers, I would show you a before picture but I'm too ashamed!  Instead, I'll show you how to reuse some things that you have laying around the house to make pocket folders for those larger items that need organizing.  Here's one that I use to store my ECO-Fi felt sheets:

Here's what you'll need; assorted cardboard boxes, an old manila folder to use as a template, tacky glue, old t-shirt, something to cut with and a marker

Begin by placing the fold of the manila folder on one of the folds of your box and trace the edges of your template

Cut your folder out.  Now if you just need a few small folders to organize papers and such you can stop here and repeat for as many folders as you need.  Read on to complete your pocket folder...

Use an old t-shirt to cut a strip that will form the side of your pocket.  You should cut the strip to be a minimum of 1" wider (1/2" for each side) than the side opening of the folder and a minimum of 1" longer than the height.

Add a little tacky glue along the edge of the cereal box to the first fold and attach the t-shirt fabric to it.  Give a little time adhere before you move on

Fold the finished side up and glue the t-shirt to the bottom of of the file pocket

Then add glue to the remaining unfinished edge, fold it upwards and press the t-shirt into place

Repeat on the second side and you're ready to label and fill your new upcycled pocket folder!

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  1. This is awesome, I never thought that we can make pocket folder by a cereal box. You explain every thing step by step. I will try it myself. Such a nice work done and thanks for this great post.


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