Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Amazing Example of Sustainability

As I was crafting this past Sunday afternoon, a program called Eco Company came on the television.  It's basically a conservation program for kids - by kids.  They had a story about Lundberg Family Farm that brought tears to my eyes.

The farm has been participating in a program called Egg Aid since 1993 and has farmers, school kids and government agencies working together to save eggs (mostly ducks) that have been laid in fields about to be plowed under.  In a perfect world the hens would be allowed to hatch those eggs just as nature intended but this is not the reality we live in.  Egg Aid is the best alternative and boasts a 95% hatch rate - way better than natural hatch rates in the wild.  This has resulted in the release of tens of thousands of ducks over the years.

I am so impressed at how the organic farm helps kids understand the connection between the food they eat and how it effects the environment.  Even more importantly it shows them that they can do something to help ease the conflict between human and animal needs.  See for yourself; check out this video that I found on YouTube, it's not the entire program but all good stuff.

Don't forget to check out the noise makers the kids use to flush female ducks off of their nests...they're upcycled!

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