Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to: Upcycled Mail Organizer

I have a whole list of things that I need to make so that my new place can be more functional and homier.  This mail/misc. stuff organizer is the first project!

Here are the basic supplies
1.  Boxes in assorted sized
2.  Newspaper or magazines
3.  Mod Podge
4.  Paint Brush
5.  Grommet Setter and Grommets
6.  Glue (I used wood glue but hot glue is probably fine)
7.  Another other decorative elements you'd like to use

Once you've figured out how many "pockets" your  mail sorter will need you can start cutting them to size and glueing them together.  I had two boxes from Christmas lights and two from coffee that were perfect.  You can use bigger boxes and create pockets with pieces of cardboard (just "papier mache" them into place) if you don't have perfectly sized smaller boxers. 

Use binder clamps to hold the boxes while the glue dries
Once your sorter is completely assembled you can start to add your newspaper strips with Mod Podge.  Start with all the seams to make sure you cover them completely.  Note that I added a back piece to my sorter to easily add grommets to the top for hanging and a place to hang my keys underneath.

Cover your structure completely.  You'll question the stability of your mail sorter as it may feel a little flimsy when wet.  But once everything is dry, I think you'll be pretty confident in the sturdiness of the final product.

Now comes the fun part, decorate as you wish.  I painted mine white to match the trim in my kitchen, added little butterfly grommets to reinforce the area that would hang from the nails, a flower that I made from an Arizona Tea can and even added some old knobs (for my keys) that I removed from a set of indoor shutters that I used in another project. 

Only one thing left to do....

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  1. This is a great idea to organize your things and keep them handy. I was searching for articles to buy hanging mail organizer when i came across your post. Very creative! Keep posting similar stuff. Many thanks once again :)


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