Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Upcycled Storage Compliments of Starbucks

It's true, I'm a junkie and I don't always have my reusable cup with me when I'm jonesing.  Here are few storage solutions that I get from my Starbucks cold cups.

They are great for storage of small items, like these buttons (or in workshop for nails, nuts and bolts)

Or to sort plastic lids

I even use my leftover cups to submerge my paper beads.  When I'm done I simply snap the lid on and cover the straw opening with a piece of tape to keep my leftover adhesive and varnish as fresh as the day I poured it into the cup.  These would be great for storing leftover kids paints too.

Do you reuse your beverage containers for anything else?

Starbucks Blonde

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