Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Final Challenger

This is our third and final challenger in the second chance Sewing Month Challenge. Chanell of Crafty Considerations got all artsy fartsy on us with this entry (wait 'til you see what I sent her):

One of the challenge materials that I sent her has a bit of a backstory (which I will tell you in a moment) but first...the materials!

I sent Chanell an empty packing tape core, 5 plastic register tape cores and several swatches of thin denim.  How she ever turned this heap o' trash into art is beyond me but she did!  All it took was a bit of paint, a polymer clay button and some yarn.  Well, that, and a bit of craftiness.

And now the backstory, if you're an avid upcycler this should sound familiar.  I have a craft room full of other people's crap.  Don't misunderstand, I love other people's crap but I find it comical when the neighbors knock on the door and hand me a bag of their recyclables.  Or when I'm at a craft show and a visitor leaves me the empty Arizona Tea can that they just finished drinking from.  Or when my parents friends bring them a bag full of register tape cores and say, "can your daughter do anything with these?"  

The register tape cores that I sent out for this challenge have been sitting in my craft room for well over a year just waiting to be repurposed.  Unfortunately, I haven't had the creativity to do anything with them.  So I sent them to Chanell!  Insert big smiley face here.  So thank you, Chanell, for taking on the challenge that I couldn't seem to wrap my head around!

Okay folks, it's that time again!  Time to vote for the winner of a $50 Upcycled Stuff shopping spree.  Simply enter a comment below telling the world what your favorite project was.  Voting will close on Tuesday, October 2 at 6pm EST.  

Was your favorite the:

Register Tape Core Art
Punky Trash Goddess
Decorative Fabric Balls

Stuff4 Sewing


  1. My vote is for Bee's decorative fabric balls!

  2. Love the Punky Trash Goddess!

  3. Yay for the decorative fabric balls. Very cool challenge!! : )

  4. Punky Trash Goddess! What a great idea by the way!

  5. TheWoodenBees fabric balls are cool! :-)

  6. I vote for the fabric balls! :)

  7. Punky Trash! But very hard to choose. So many great ideas!

  8. What an awesome idea for a challenge. Love them all but my vote goes to Pink Trash Goddess!

  9. By a mere three votes, The Punky Trash Goddess wins!


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