Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little Upcycled Height for Your Craft Show Display

I've really had a blast this year making my patio-sized bird baths and feeders! Hauling and displaying them at craft shows has proven to be a bit more of a challenge, however, than my paper bead jewelry. While I can't do much about the hauling aspect of this new obsession, I was determined to find a way to add a little height to my bird bath/feeder display. I'm still working on finding additional ways to achieve the height that I'm looking for, but I did upcycle this old plant stand into a display stand for my smaller feeders:

All I needed to make this into a proper display was a few mirrors and epoxy. It really is as easy as mixing and applying the epoxy to the frame and setting the mirror onto the frame:

TIP: I use plastic lids for mixing my epoxy. Any excess will peel off the plastic once it's dry so I can re-use the lid over and over again (for crafting, I wouldn't use it to cover a container that has food in it).

Once your mirrors are dried into place, add your display pieces. I'm showing it with bird baths here but I think I might use it to display jewelry when summer is over.

Besides serving as the upcycled display I was looking for, what I really love about this stand is that it is somewhat collapsible making for easier packing into my tiny car. I had to apply the mirror pieces a bit off center but once the piece is open you can't even tell.
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