Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What a Fabulous Sewing Month

September was a fabulous month for sewing some upcycled goodness, wasn't it?  We had eight fabulous entries into two separate contests.  Thankfully, I didn't have to choose the winners because it was a tough one....well, two.  But in the end our two winners were:

Punky Trash Goddess from Annie

Fold 'n Go Tote from Melissa

All I have to say to my readers is that you are SO lucky that I didn't attempt to post my own projects for this month-long celebration of  sewing because, well, I just don't enjoy it.  Don't enjoy it so much that I can't even bring myself to hem a pair of curtains that separate my craft room space from the rest of the basement.  Not even after I tore the curtain rod hardware out of the wall TWICE because I stepped on all the extra fabric that was pooling up on the floor.

So last week, just as I was posting the last project, I got all tangled up in the fabric again.  I must have done a good job reinstalling the hardware last time because here's what happened this time:

So embarrassing!  But a great reminder to be grateful for all those who participated.


  1. Thank you for hosting such a fun upcycling challenge! I'm thrilled that my punk rock doll won :) I once had some curtains that were too long and I just couldn't find the time to hem them so you know what I did? I got a bunch of clothespins and pinned the hem up that way, a temporary fix but prevents the trips!

    1. Oh it was fun and I got the month off! And thanks for the excuse not to hem the curtains...I don't have clothes pins but I bet binder clips will get the job done! :)

  2. Tricia, why not get some fusible web like Stitch Witchery and just "hem" the curtains that way?

  3. Tricia, just wanted to say thanks again for hosting such a fun challenge. It was really great to see all the things people came up with. :) In regards to the falling curtain, have you considered hanging the curtain with a spring rod in the door frame? That way it won't break the hardware if it gets tripped on, but just move the spring rod instead. I'm loving the alternative fix suggestions, by the way.

  4. Good alternative! I'm laughing my rear off right now because I really should just fix the dang thing instead of entertaining these other ideas. I really must stop be so lazy!


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