Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Danger of Making Pet Toys

Oooh, that was a dramatic statement wasn't it?!  When mom and dad opened their pet shop a couple of months ago I went to work designing some upcycled pet toys to "fill up them shelves."  Which led to a few new items in my own shop:

Kitty Kick Sticks constructed from Hideous Ladies Pants

Organic Catnip Seeds and Garden Markers from old Spoons
The danger, however, occurs when you are making toys for creatures not unlike those with whom you share your own home.  You see, I also had this listed:

Obviously, I had to delist this item from my shop when Destiny staked her claim to it!  Sadly, there were actually two of these baskets at Goodwill and I only purchased this one as the second had two broken pieces...very small breaks that would have been just fine for my own personal use.  But, alas, I was not using my brain on this particular day and didn't have the forethought to see that I would indeed have a use for it in the very near future!

At any rate, Chance has also taken a liking to my catnip plant...the one that I was growing for display at craft fairs.  Every now and again I let my two most eldest cats out to enjoy a view of the nieghborhood:

Aren't they so well behaved? HA!
Well, I've been growing aforementioned catnip on this very same porch in little pot.  It's still just a baby but apparently just as potent as its adult counterpart.  This is what I saw just a couple of days ago:

Followed by a rather innocent, "what mommy? I was just rolling around in the pretty flowers in your garden.  I didn't take a huge bite right from the center of your plant!

So you see, the danger is that you stand to loose a bunch of product before it can make it into the hands of a customer.  So crafters beware and heed my warning in advance:  Make two of everything and save yourself a little frustration!


  1. This post may resemble me and my *ahem* angels. A lot.

    1. May have something to do with the matching "SUCKER" neon signs that we both obviously wear prominently across our foreheads.


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