Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why I Love my Smaller Green Grocer

I'm finally establishing a new shopping routine in Connecticut having searched out all my small local shops.  It got me thinking about how much easier it is to part with my hard earned cash when I know the the markets that I shop in have a conscience and that I'm supporting my local economy.  It was my trip to Mrs. Greens yesterday that helped me step up onto today's soapbox.  Mrs. Greens is small natural food market with stores in only a dozen cities, still small enough that every item has to be marked with a price gun as they don't have scanners at the register. I'm lucky enough to live a mere two miles from one of only two locations in Connecticut.

Here's why I love shopping small, local (and green) markets:

I can buy as many pieces of loose fruits, vegetables and leafy greens as I want and when I bring them to the register, they don't try to put them in plastic bags as though I must have forgotten to do so when I made my selections.

Glass has taken over where plastic once reigned supreme. Don't get me wrong you can't truly get away from plastic all together but there's a lot less of it at Mrs. Greens and other markets like it!  And yeah, I actually buy chocolate milk but only because it makes the most amazing fudgsicles without all that individual wrapping.  I can't wait to display a bunch my glass bottles with fresh cut flowers this summer!

I can actually find WHOLE foods.  While I may only eat the root of a carrot, my tortoise loves the carrot tops.  And his favorite green?  Dandelions!  Look at these beauties.  Speedy will be coming out of hibernation this week so I picked him up a bunch!

I love that I don't have to read tiny little labels on the produce to see if it's organic - every piece of produce in the store is guaranteed certified organic.  And location is important to me too!  Each bin of produce is clearly labeled with the origin of it's contents.  I can make my selections based on how far my produce has traveled with ease.

Why do you love your small local grocers?

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