Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are You Pinning?

In my opinion, if you're not pinning you're missing out!  For me, Pinterest is the greatest thing since sliced bread and trust me, I resisted for a long time.  I certainly didn't have time for yet another social media outlet but, as it turns out, I find Pinterest even better than Facebook and Twitter combined.  There I said it!

Before Pinterest I had a series of folders in my short cut menu that each held dozens of links to things I wanted to try, topics to blog about and recipes that I wanted to hang onto.  I don't think I've ever opened a single saved link!  In just the few short months that I've been pinning I have actually whipped up a new recipe from my boards, tried a couple of new upcycled organization projects and shared a little upcycled love with the world.  And bloggers, Pinterest can increase your blog traffic like crazy.  I've only been pinning for three months and have had nearly half as many referrals to my blog from Pinterest as I do from Facebook in the last year!

So, c'mon!  What are you waiting for?  Follow me on Pinterest and be inspired.  Here are some of my favorite pins and a taste of what you've been missing:

Suitcase Bar from ReadyMade
Succulent Lamp found on Mod Vintage Life

Tic Tac Ribbon Storage by Craft & Creativity

Easter Egg Bugs found on Apartment Therapy
And  just in case you need a little more convincing...

YUMMY! by Cookies and Cups
See ya over there....

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