Monday, April 16, 2012

Turning a Rusted Grill into a Planter

So I had this grill. It was rusty. Really rusty.  I thought I would turn it into a two matching planters, one for each side of door on the porch.  I figured it would be super simple and and here's all I would need:

1.  Top and bottom halves of the grill
2.  Rust Transformer
3.  Sandpaper (you could also use a wire brush)

Turns out my porch isn't quite as big as I thought and two separate containers where just too overwhelming.  So I added a couple more supplies:

4.  Silicone adhesive (be sure it's silicone - it's waterproof)
5.  Drill

Now we're ready to get to work!

First thing's first, get rid of the big chunks of rust with your sandpaper or wire brush.  You don't need to completely sand away the rust, you just want to get rid of the big chunks like this:

Give the grill a good rinse and let it completely dry before you apply the Rust Transformer.  You apply it just as you would any other spray paint.  On the top park of the grill I only coated the inside as it really wasn't rusty.  On the bottom half, however, I coated the inside and the outside. Once it's dry you can spray paint right over the rust transformer with another color if you choose to.

Now take the bottom half and turn it upside down and apply a generous amount of silicone (more than what is shown in the picture).  Then adhere the top half to the base to make the planter section and leave it to dry for a minimum of three hours.  You'll probably need to put a few bricks or something similar in weight inside the planter to help everything adhere.

Since you just covered up all the holes up you'll need to drill a few more for drainage:

Then the fun part - plant to your hearts content:

Just oooooone more finishing touch to turn this baby into a butterfly garden:

Upcycled Soda Can Butterfly
I think this would be really pretty with flowers flowing down the front or planted around the base of the weekend!

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