Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Some Fun and QUICK Tips

In October I started posting some fun ideas for upcycling commonly tossed items over on my YouTube channel. The beauty of these videos is that they are fast, in fact they are all two minutes in length or less.  I've been posting about one quick tip every other week or so.  If you're not a subscriber, here's what you've been missing:

This is a good (upcycled alternative) to those skinny magnetic pads that you can buy specifically for list making.  My version allows me to keep a stack of scrap paper attached to the fridge that would have otherwise ended up in the recycle bin.  Here's how I made my Magnetic Shopping List Pad from a Clothing Hanger.

You may have seen it before while lurking around Pinterst, so I thought I'd show you just how to Use a Pop Tab as a Picture Hanger. As a bonus, I'll even show you the no fail way to remove a pop tab with the center ring in tact every time!

And just in time for Election Day - How to Turn a Political Campaign Sign into a Chalkboard.  Not only will you make something useful from something headed to the trash but you'll also help clean up our neighborhoods of all this campaign trash.  God knows the candidates don't do it....can you tell that this is one of my biggest pet peeves?

Seriously though, I remember a time when people would make their own signs on an old sheet or cardboard box and display it from a window or somewhere out in the front yard.  To me that says, "Hey, I passionately support my candidate!"  Nowadays though it's like visual white noise.  Some streets get so overrun with campaign signs that you just stop seeing them.  And the places that they are stuck in the ground are in these "no man's land" type of places; vacant lots, street corners, etc.  So, not only are they not connected to anyone actually supporting the candidate but they sit and sit and sit looooong after the elections are over. Geesh, it makes me nuts!  But I digress.

I hope you'll take six minutes to check out these quick tips and if you have ideas for other quick tips or want to learn how to upcycle something, just leave it in the comments below and maybe you'll get a video response.  Oh and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE.

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  1. Great ideas! I'll have to make the magnetic notepad. We always use up the scrap paper around our house.


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