Thursday, March 20, 2014

YAAAAAY! Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring everyone, it is my favorite time of the year!! Everything is awakening from their Winter Slumber, flowers are starting to show their pretty little heads and the sun (should be) making a few more appearances than it has been.  For many of you, Spring indicates the start of Spring cleaning...not for me.  Unless of course you're referring to cleaning up the garden and outdoor living spaces, then I'm all for Spring Cleaning.

If the same goes for you, then you'll likely be painting something(s).  So check out this disaster:

A rocking chair or two on the front porch is as Southern as fried chicken and since I live in the South...this hot mess just won't do.  However, prepping this baby for painting was NOT going to be fun.  I don't sand anything by hand and my palm sander wouldn't fit between all those spindles.  Enter the Coarse Drill Radial Wire Brush, the best eight bucks I ever spent!

Talk about steel wool on steroids!  This bad boy made such quick work of removing all the loose, chippy paint that I decided to do the wicker love seat too.

After a couple coats of paint and poly here's what we have:

Oh so much better, no?  And the pretty love seat to match, it too was covered in chippy white paint:

The pillows even received a makeover.  They were super faded so they were covered with handmade slip covers.

What will you be "cleaning" this week?


  1. They came out great! I have two rocking chairs that need a re-do this year - as soon as it stops snowing, I'm on it! :) Julia

    1. Here's hoping this crazy winter ends soon, Julia.


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