Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sewing Month Challenge #2

I have to admit, this packet of trash was a little bit evil.  It didn't have any fabric of any kind...I know, bad blogger and contest hostess! But this WAS supposed to be a challenge right?  Here's all the fun stuff that I sent to Sarah from Sweet Someday.

Yep, that's it...a bunch of plastic Target bags, a comic book that I picked up on a Freecyle and an Arizona Tea can (that I turned into flowers before I sent them).  Here's the fabulous garland that Sarah made.

After punching out 1" colorful circles from the comic book pages she stitched 'em up with brown thread (because that's the color that was on the machine and re-threading it with another color wasn't an option - sheesh she sounds like me).  Just two more challenge materials....

She took the Target bags and cut some small rectangles out of the white portion and tied them onto the thread between every five circles for a little added texture and interest.  Next she took some longer strips from the target bags, braided them and attached them to each end of the garland to easily tie it up.

And finally, those aluminum flowers were used to disguise a couple of cardboard circles that she used at each end to attach the braided plastic bags.  It turned out to be a cute garland that could be used for parties, birthdays, special events, or just every day. She's also the only one who used the packaging in her project!  Everyone received their trash in some sort of food box that I turned inside out for mailing.  Sarah used her oatmeal box as a spool for her garland.  Other than the thread and adhesive - the ENTIRE thing was upcycled!

Here's another look:

Stuff4 Sewing


  1. Replies
    1. It's not sacrilege to cut up a comic book is it? ;)

  2. Thanks so much for letting me participate and for the feature!! Can't wait to see everyone else's work as well!

  3. How creative with just the stuff you sent (and the packaging!) This one gets my vote!


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