Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Quirky Obsession with Cube Storage

While moving is stressful, there is something so cleansing and wonderful about the opportunity for a "design do-over."  One thing I've learned in the move is that I have what may very well be an unhealthy obsession with cube storage.  Just look at the cube storage units that I have in my craft space:

This Ikea unit started as a two-sided bookcase that separated a continuous living room and dining room when I lived in Los Angeles. It continued on to Seattle with me where it performed the same function.  Unfortunately, in my move to South Carolina it got pretty banged up.  So into the closet it went for storage when I started my Etsy shop.  Now it's perfect for all my kitty litter containers filled with glass jars, old clothes and the like.  Gosh, talk about some serious upcycling on this shelf!

I picked up two more cube storage units as my crafting with trash obsession grew.  One stores all my newspapers, magazines, phone books and so forth that I need for paper bead making (I think I'll be busy for a bit).  The other one stores a variety of miscellaneous tools, mismatched or broken dishes, spray paint, you name it it's on that shelf.


I picked up these little shelves before I moved and never used them because they didn't work in the space I had intended them for.  This set of three (while a bit crooked) lives on the wall by my sewing machine and is perfect for all of my little sewing odds and ends.  I still have another set that I don't know where I'll put!  And I should point out that really adorable pin cushion, it's artsy and upcycled.  I picked it up from The Frog Bag, she made it with the core from a used roll of packing tape and the bird on the front is actually a cancelled stamp.  Too cute!

Then I found this nifty little wall unit that stores all of my jewelry making tools and such.  Even found a way to add some upcycled goodness to this little unit with some covered soup cans for storage.

And finally, the piece that I almost forgot about as it is stored away in the closet. I did an enormous amount of downsizing when I moved and after donating half the shoe collection I was left with and extra shoe cubby.  It fits all of my old plactic jars and coffee cans that serve as a repository for things like pop tabs and syringe caps (yes, I will find something cool to do with these!). 

So there it is, my quirky little obsession with cube storage that I didn't even realize I had!


  1. Wow, I wish I was half as organized! This looks fantastic! Can you come over and organize my studio next??

    1. Uuuuh, well see there's this little thing called 3,000 miles getting in the way of that....thank God I can use that excuse :)

  2. I have several of those cat litter buckets waiting for re-use but I am annoyed that the lids don't come all the way off. I hadn't thought of turning them on their side - actually makes it quite handy that they don't open all the way. Hooray, now I can use them! Thanks for this post!

    1. Isn't it irritating that they only open half way. If you end up with excess you can also call a local zoo/rescue/rehab facility and see if they could use them. If you force the lid off, they make great cleaning buckets.


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