Sunday, March 20, 2011

Got Envelopes?

Whether you are among the rare breed who still loves to write letters or you're more like me and search frantically for an envelope to mail that once a month bill that you can't pay online, I have the perfect upcycled solution for you!  Origami envelopes made from old magazine pages are an artsy, economical and fun solution to your mailing needs.  Below are two different styles of envelopes that I use to tuck many of my upcycled jewelry pieces in before mailing them out.

And, yes, you can put these directly in the mail for things like letters and cards.  All you need is a label and a stamp and it's ready to'll probably want to slap on some tape to make sure it stays closed.  I'll give you the best step by step tutorial that a still camera will allow for a very simple upcycled envelope.  But you can find many video tutorials if you search the web.

Start by flipping through your favorite magazines and tear out a page that appeals to you.  Cut the page into a square, the size doesn't matter as long as it is an exact square.   The size of the finished envelope will be approximately half the size of the square you start with.

Take your square and make two diagonal folds.  Reopen the paper, your two folds should form an X and the exact center of the page will be marked by the intersection of those two lines.


 Next, fold in two corners to the center point, like this:

Unfold one of the flaps, keeping the other folded.  Refold along the center fold.  You can start to see your envelope take shape.

Now this is the only part where you can "eyeball it."  You're going to form your sides.  When you fold your sides in, keep in mind that one side will be tucked under the other and you don't want to fold the point back on itself.  Just try to keep the sides folded in the same distance.

Take the top flap and fold it back on itself .  The place that you fold it should match the central fold on the envelope beneath the flap. 

Then stand that point up at a 90 degree angle and open up the triangle.

While holding the triangle open, place your finger on the folded end and squash it down to form a diamond shape.

Now just  fold down the top flap along the previously made fold line.  Run your finger over all of your fold lines a couple of times to make sure everything is crisp.  Then just tuck in your flap and ....

Viola!  Now stop reading this blog and go write some letters.


  1. I love this! I showed many many people your work and everyone LOVES it. I can't wait to write and post my blog about your amazing Upcycled Stuff. You are awesome!!! I am STILL in awee of how sweet you were to send stuff out to me. It truly meant A LOT.


  2. It was absolutely my pleasure, Melanie! I was happy to be part of your successful fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House. Keep doing what you're doing!

  3. Ahh, so that's how you do it! I tried making my own envelopes last holiday for gift cards and my corners weren't completely aligned, glue was messy and cutting it by hand to exact measurements didn't exactly make it the most professional looking. Thanks!! Bookmarking this. :)

  4. Yeah, I've tried to mention places where I got caught up myself (not exactly lined corners). I'm glad it helped!


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