Friday, August 17, 2012

Green Product Review: The Reveal

Here's the kind of convenience I don't mind spending my money on:

It's called the Reveal by Rubbermaid.  Unlike similar models, the Reveal doesn't have disposable pads to throw away and the refillable well will hold any solution you even suggests vinegar right on the package.  What's even better?  They sell additional (reusable) pads and wells separately:

I keep one well filled with homemade orange infused vinegar solution and the other filled with yummy smelling almond Method wood floor cleaner.  Eventually, I'll get around to making a few extra pads from old towels like in this tutorial. But for now, I'm thrilled that I can buy a little convenience that doesn't give me a guilty conscience!


  1. I got a stupid swiffer for xmas----hate it. This seems like something i might actually like! =)

  2. I like this one, you can put a little more pressure on the handle than you can a swiffer and with 5 cats I love that it easily gets under the baseboard radiators. It pulls out all the hair that the vacuum misses. I still feel the need to get down and scrub the grout every 6 weeks or so but it's a great weekly tool to have.


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