Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Upcycled Storage Tote from a Kitty Litter Jug

I'm back at it again - trying to find some other way to repurpose all those kitty litter containers.  So far I've shown you how to make a strawberry pot, a toy box and a handy garden helper out of the larger bucket style litter containers.  Today it's storage from the smaller jugs!

As you can see above, I've turned quite a few of them into storage for all of my T-shirt yarn.  But they also make great grab and go containers for when you want to take a started craft project with you.  I also use one in the car to store all the dogs leashes, water, bowl, poopy bags, treats, etc.  They are with me so often in the car that I need to have all that stuff on hand.  So, yep, I made a video tutorial for the Kitty Litter Jug Turned Crafty Storage project and I hope you'll take a peek.

If you have other ways that you use your litter buckets, I'd love to hear about it as I have an endless supply of them that just keep multiplying!


  1. When I clicked on your link, it took me to the how the make tshirt yarn tutorial, which is a really good one, but I was looking for the upcycled kitty litter storage idea tutorial. Thanks

  2. Great, now I can follow it. Thanks for the swift action.


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