Monday, January 13, 2014

Thrift Store Refashion: A Fish Bowl Vase Update

Ah, the thrift store!  An upcyclers dream come true, junk piled upon junk.  One such piece of "junk" is a very common find....the fish bowl flower vase.  You know... the "throw away" type that florists send bouquets out in every day.  I made one over with a little bit of sisal rope, which coincidentally was also an upcycled find.  Check it out:

It's a pretty easy project to complete and requires only a bit of sisal rope, hot glue, paint and a button.  But just in case you're interested in seeing it done here's the video tutorial.

Here's another option, using a large soup can:

Happy upcycling!


  1. Very cute, I like it. It's true, you see those vases all the time.

  2. What a cute idea and I love the green flower too!

    1. Thank you, I think I see more of those flowers in my future...maybe some giant one's. Lord knows I have the sisal to upcycle!


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