Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Window Screens Turned Glittery Tree Ornaments

When I was a child it was tradition to set up the Christmas tree on the weekend of Thanksgiving, usually Saturday.  With Elvis Presley's greatest Christmas hits playing in the background, we three kids waited patiently for dad to wrap the strands of lights around the tree.  Once he was out of the way, it was a dash to the tree with one ornament at a time as mom handed them off to us.  Once we had loaded up the tree dad would put the angel on top and we'd admire our handiwork, albeit a bit lopsided.  It was also tradition for mom and dad to redistribute nearly every ornament on the tree once we were in bed.

As an adult, I typically maintain the tradition of erecting the tree over Thanksgiving weekend.  But I have, of course, added a tradition or two of my own.  That includes a new ornament each year to add to my tree.  This year I made a new set of ornaments and will forgo the purchase of a new one.  Are you ready for some Christmas tree cuteness made from old window screens?

I started out making these star shaped ornaments and then had a request for a large tree topper shaped like a dog bone...for a "certain someones" pet shop (MOM).

So I did that too!

And then thought why not little dog bone ornaments - which of course I had to personalized!

Want to make some for yourself?  Check out the video tutorial that I did for the star shaped ornaments.  Just want some to show up in your mailbox?  You can do that too!  You'll notice that I didn't just stop at stars and bones....

Did you put your tree up this weekend?


  1. Great way to upcycle ripped screens. Your ornaments are so cute!

  2. These are so cool! What a great idea.


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