Friday, March 16, 2012

Featured Artist: Break the Record (and yes, another giveaway)

One of my favorite things about featuring other upcyclers on my blog is that I get the chance to see some really cool products that I wouldn't have otherwise seen.  Seriously, how cool is this night light made from old cassette tapes?

Stacey has a great Etsy shop, Break the Record, filled with fun upcycled items made from cassette tapes and records.  And this week, she's offering up this fantastic piece of functional art to one lucky reader.  Here's what Stacey had to say about herself and her upcycling!

Tell us a little about your shop and your art. 
Mix Tape Pencil Cup

Last May I began brainstorming for the perfect birthday gift for my boyfriend.  He is very hard to buy for.  He is a small business owner, but in his spare time he likes to DJ with vinyl records and also produce music.  So, I started thinking of gifts that were related to vinyl records and such.  That is when I decided to make a clock.  Within a week I had discovered a passion for making anything and everything I could out of vinyl records.  So I started looking for old scratched up no-longer-playable vinyl records and rescuing them before they were sent to rest eternally in the local landfills.  Friends encouraged me to try selling my crafts on Etsy, so I gave it a try.  After I sold my first clock to a woman who purchased it for her unborn son's retro themed nursery, I was inspired to create something out of the other retro music memorabilia like the cassette tape.  And since I was picturing a baby nursery, my first idea was a night light.  Now my MixTape Lights make up almost fifty percent of my Etsy shop.  

Who are the important folks/critters in your life?  

The two most important blessings in my life are my two little girls, Lexi and Jayden.  They inspire me every minute of every day.  As a single mommy I was actually job hunting for a second job when I decided to start my Etsy shop.  I had a hard time because I refused to work a job that would take time away from my babies.  I am so thankful that I started Break The Record because, although it may not be an "I quit my day job" story, it is a personal financial survival story that has made a significant impact on my family's life.  My daughters are very happy to be able to go skating or to see a movie on the weekend.  They say "Thank you, Mommy!" and I tell them "Thank Etsy!  Mommy got a sale this week."

When did you start playing with trash?  

The first time I "played with trash" was when I started cutting up old T-shirts and "making them cool."  I wanted a cool shirt to wear to a concert so I took an old band T-shirt and did a little slashing, slicing, and redesigning and whipped up a totally rockin' and unique halter top that was way more flattering for a young concert gal than a old boring man sized Tshirt.  

Where do you take your inspiration from?   
Vinyl Mail Sorter
My crafts are inspired by music and my love for it.  I spent my entire childhood watching MTV all day long.  I was never into cartoons or other things that kids my age were watching.  I was completely addicted to music videos.  To this very day I still turn on the television and go straight to one of the music channels.   My life inspiration and drive is inspired by my children and wanting to always be able to provide them with what they need, rather it be a new pair of tennis shoes for cheerleading tryouts, a mommy-made puppy costume, help with a science fair or art fair project, advice, encouragement, or a big hug.  

What other passions do you have in life?

There is one particular cause that is very close to my heart, and that is supporting the cure for breast cancer.  A portion of all proceeds at Break The Record are donated to numerous breast cancer charities.  My mother was diagnosed nearly 15 years ago.   She went thru surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.  It took a toll on her body, but with lots of hope and many prayers, thankfully she did beat it.  My daughter and I are volunteering at the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk to show our support for finding a cure.  I will soon be launching a line of PINK MixTape Lights in which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the cause.  My other passions in life are all my goals for the future.  I want to own my own clothing shop someday.  I've wanted to be a fashion designer since I was a little girl.  I hope to eventually open up my own clothing boutique  here in my hometown.  

What do you want readers to know about you or your art?  

Wedding Table Lighted Centerpiece
I love having my own Etsy shop, but I do find it very hard to balance running my shop, caring for my children, and working my full-time job at the State Prosecutor's office, where I have worked for the past 17 years.  Creating items for Break The Record is so much fun to me.  I love being crafty and I love music.  Combining two of my favorite things and creating really fun unique items is like my own personal form of yoga.  After my kids are in bed at night I get out all my supplies, relax and start crafting.  

Time to enter to win that really cool mix tape night light.  You know the drill, be sure to enter one comment for each action that you take below.  On Thursday, March 22, will determine the winning number!  Now get busy tweeting, sharing and commenting (and be sure you leave some way for me to contact you in case you are the winner):

1.  Visit Break the Record and tell us your favorite item below
2.  Tweet this post and be sure to include @iBreakTheRecord
3.  Follow Break the Record on Facebook


  1. @iBreakTheRecord
    Rainbow MixTape LED Night

  2. I love "Blue Cassette tape light"

    I tweeted and loved you on Facebook.

    Tristan Titeux

  3. Eenie, meenie, miney, picked comment #1! Jamie - email to claim you prize! Congrats!


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