Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Current Pet Peeve: Over Packaging

If you've ever visited my Etsy shop, you can surely see that I use a wide variety of packaging material to make my paper beads.  But lately I've become increasingly frustrated by the absurdly wasteful packaging that plagues society.  Here is the proverbial straw that broke the camels back:

Do you see it...the actual item that I purchased?  Here's a closer look (not including the dime of course):

Holy cow!  And did you see the size of that receipt?  It looks like I bought the store out when, in fact, this micro disk is all that I purchased!  The ironic part of this story is that I went back to the store to purchase this disk when I realized it wasn't included with the hand scanner that I had just bought.  My intention behind the scanner purchase was to reduce waste.  Ha, joke's on me!

While I'm not for New Year's resolutions (they are only made to be broken after all), I have made it my goal to reduce the impact of overpackaging in my life this year!  You can bet I'll be writing a bit about it this year - I hope you'll join me in this adventure.


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